That’s a Wrap!

With the closing of the semester comes the end of our documentary journey this year. We’ve all worked very hard these past few months balancing the doc and all our other responsibilities, but despite any challenges we had to face doing so, we wouldn’t change a thing. Camilla: Taking this course has been an amazing... Continue Reading →


The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least, but we’ve pulled through and the doc is finally finished! We’ve had the gist of the actual story finished for weeks now, but what we’d been focusing on most was all the nuances of post-production including color correction, incorporating music, refining b-roll placement, sound... Continue Reading →

Post-Production Update II

Post-production is still in full swing and we’ve been hard at work putting the story together. We’ve in the past week made several dramatic changes to the actual timeline of the documentary, but we believe we’ve finally found the setup that works best and we’re improving upon it constantly. As mentioned before, we’ve divided the... Continue Reading →

Post-Production Update

Just as we knew it would, post-production has kept us all very busy, but it’s been worth it to see the progress we’re making in developing our story. We’re currently at a stage that involves sorting through all of the interview footage we shot in Florida and piecing the best soundbites together. Once that’s done... Continue Reading →

Ridge to Ranch to River to Reef

Tuesday’s class was our first meet up post Florida and we got quite a bit done! We were all eager to dive right into post-production and the first step was divvying up the task of interview transcribing. Once each interview is transcribed, we’ll lay out bits and pieces of each text to piece our overall... Continue Reading →

Our Two Busiest Days

The itinerary for our trip was made weeks in advance and went through continuous edits and updates throughout the preproduction process. However, one constant was that Wednesday the 15th and Thursday the 16th were always scheduled to be our busiest days. With three interviews in three different locations on both days, we all knew that... Continue Reading →

A Day on the Buck Island Ranch

Our last full day at Archbold was spent exploring some of the ranch land owned by the station. A substantial portion of the Station’s total acreage consists of the 10, 300-acre Buck Island Ranch. Dustin Angell, Archbold’s Education Coordinator, drove us through a bit of the ranch on the station’s swamp buggy, while he and... Continue Reading →

A Productive Day Two

Yesterday we wrapped up day two and it was incredibly productive! It was all about splitting up into groups of 4 to go out and shoot with specialists in different fields. One group went off with experts in avian ecology, while another spent the day with an entomologist, the third group was paired with botanists,... Continue Reading →

We Made It!

We Made it! Day one in Florida and we’ve already gotten quite a bit done. Dr. Hilary Swain has been so engaging and gave us her own set of directions from the Fort Myers airport to the Archbold Biological Station. Her suggested route was longer, but scenic. In following Dr. Swain’s directions, we crossed the... Continue Reading →

Ready for Takeoff!

Hey all! Florida is only two days away, so for this week’s class we went through the final preparations before departure. Packing and dividing the equipment were essential parts of our agenda. We are all very excited about the upcoming trip, so this may have made us somewhat unfocused while going through the equipment. Dr. Luskay managed to get us... Continue Reading →

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