37 Days till Florida!

Hey all!

This is the newest Pace Doc crew, and we’re excited to announce that this year we’re heading to Florida to embark on Pace’s eighth year of environmental filmmaking. For most of our trip we’ll be staying at the Archbold Biological Station where we’ll have access to some of the most impressive minds in modern biology while we explore and document the different habitats in the area.

We won’t touch down on Floridian soil until March 12, 2017, so we still have 37 days of pre-production to prepare for our travels.

Research is a huge part of pre-production, and while researching the biological station we discovered that its founder, Richard Archbold, is buried a short drive away from the Pace Pleasantville campus at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  

After realizing this, we knew we had to plan a visit the cemetery, so on the morning of Thursday, February 2, 2017, two of the course’s grad students and two of the undergrads made the quick trip and took a few photos of the architecturally beautiful Archbold family mausoleum.

Throughout the rest of this semester our instructor, Dr. Maria Luskay, will be teaching us all we need to know about shooting a documentary. We’re all eager to learn more about effective storytelling and the technical aspect of production from someone with Dr. Luskay’s experience. 

We’ll be chronicling our experience on this blog for the next few months, as well as sharing relevant content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We invite any and everyone to follow along as we blog and post through the entire production process and can’t wait to tell a worthwhile story about an exotic theme right here in our own country. 


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