Reaching Out!

Hey all!

With only nine days and one class meet up left before we all head down to Florida, we’re working our hardest to get some of the most important work done. This past Tuesday we split the class up into small teams and assigned everyone a task.

One team of grad students was responsible for reaching out to four people we want to interview for the documentary. All four of them are from the Fort Myers area and they each offer the kind of expertise that would benefit our story.

We contacted Dr. Win Everham of Florida Gulf Cost university because we’re interested in his research on exotic invasions and anthropogenic activities on forest communities and ecosystems, as well as Dr. Eric Milbrandt of the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation for his research on the effects of human activities on mangrove reproduction, recruitment and forest structure. We also contacted Liz Donley of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, an organization that protects Southwest Florida’s water and estuarine resources. Lastly, we contacted Paul Tritaik of the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge after researching the refuge’s conservational efforts.

There’re still a few more people and organizations we’re prepared to reach out to and we’re ready to use all the resources available to us to do so. We’ve sent emails and made phone calls, but there’s also social media! We’re ready to use our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even this blog to our advantage.

Stay tuned to see what else we have planned for our last week before we head down to start filming!


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