A Productive Day Two

Yesterday we wrapped up day two and it was incredibly productive! It was all about splitting up into groups of 4 to go out and shoot with specialists in different fields. One group went off with experts in avian ecology, while another spent the day with an entomologist, the third group was paired with botanists, and the fourth went off to explore seasonal ponds.

After spending a few hours with these specialists, we all reconvened to share what we’d learned. From learning that each scientist must be knowledgeable in multiple focuses, to recognizing how much patience is required to follow birds, we all agreed that each venture was worthwhile. We also developed our story a great deal after reflecting on the day, in fact, we’d say our story has taken a complete turn.

Yesterday was also the day we’d scheduled in our first recorded interview with Dr. Hilary Swain, who, to no one’s surprise, was just as engaging, charismatic, and informative as she’s been throughout this entire process.

Finally, after we wrapped up Dr. Swain’s interview, we headed down to Lake Annie for a quick swim, not before the suburban Dr. Luskay was driving got stuck in some sand, though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, a lot happened yesterday as far as grasping a firmer understanding of what goes on at Archbold, and establishing the kind of story we intend to tell with this documentary. We’re excited for tomorrow and can’t wait to share all that we do with you all!

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