A Day on the Buck Island Ranch

Our last full day at Archbold was spent exploring some of the ranch land owned by the station. A substantial portion of the Station’s total acreage consists of the 10, 300-acre Buck Island Ranch. Dustin Angell, Archbold’s Education Coordinator, drove us through a bit of the ranch on the station’s swamp buggy, while he and Dr. Swain explained in great detail what we were seeing and the science behind how the ranch is managed. It was interesting to learn how the scientists associated with Archbold worked in conjunction with the cattle managers responsible for the thousands of wild cattle scattered throughout the land.

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After the tour, we each sat with some of the Archbold scientists stationed at the ranch. They offered a wealth of information on how all the cattle is managed, how they conserve and monitor their wetlands, and they even talked to us a bit about some of the research they’ve been conducting. We were all once again impressed by just how much each person we spoke to knew, and how passionate they were about their individual conservation efforts.

We also held a Skype conference with Andy Revkin of ProPublica. A previous member of the Pace University staff and co-instructor of the Producing the Documentary course we’re all currently taking. Our time speaking with Andy was spent talking about the importance of efficiently dispersing content on social media with Dr. Swain, as well as hashing our story out further and brainstorming ideas for the title of our documentary.

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