Ridge to Ranch to River to Reef

Tuesday’s class was our first meet up post Florida and we got quite a bit done! We were all eager to dive right into post-production and the first step was divvying up the task of interview transcribing. Once each interview is transcribed, we’ll lay out bits and pieces of each text to piece our overall story together. Essentially, we’ll use the best portions of each interview to sort of storyboard out acts 1,2, and 3 of our documentary before we officially start editing.

Tuesday’s class time was also used to once again brainstorm ideas for our title. After a frustrating hour that felt like ten, we realized a title we’d abandoned during the trip was actually perfect. Inspired by a Dr. Swain quote, “Ridge to Ranch to River to Reef: Florida’s Conservation Connections” is the final agreed upon title for this year’s doc.

From the scrubby forests and ranchland in the interior of Florida, far from the tourist eyes, to the beaches and bays south of the Gulf Coast, we explore the way the Sunshine State balan
Our documentary’s official summary

While we’re all busy transcribing and logging bits of footage, we’re thinking about how we only have a few weeks to put together an entire documentary. It may seem a bit overwhelming, but we’re 100% confident in our ability to get this done, and can’t wait for our premiere at the Jacob Burns Film Center on May 10th. Be sure to keep up with our post-production process by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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