Post-Production Update

Just as we knew it would, post-production has kept us all very busy, but it’s been worth it to see the progress we’re making in developing our story. We’re currently at a stage that involves sorting through all of the interview footage we shot in Florida and piecing the best soundbites together. Once that’s done and the interviews are organized in a way that tells our story, we’ll start to really cut down footage and condense everything to fit our time frame of 20 minutes or so. After that comes sorting through B-roll footage and figuring out where each shot fits best within the documentary.

The crew quite literally cutting and piecing our story together 

We mentioned a few posts ago that during our time at Archbold we met with Jennifer Brown of Into Nature Films, an independent documentary film production company that specializes in nature films. Jennifer showed us how she uses her drone to capture compelling nature shots, and kindly offered to share some of her drone footage with us. We’re all very appreciative of her gesture and so pleased with the footage she’s shared with us. Look forward to seeing some great aerial shots of Archbold in our documentary!

A sneak peek at some of the drone footage

You can check out a few of Jennifer’s documentaries from her time with the National Park Service here, but also please peruse the Into Nature Films website as a whole where you’ll find Jennifer’s work along with work by Rick Anderson, a writer, producer, and fire expert for Into Nature Films.

Stay tuned for more post-production updates as we race to finish our documentary in time for its premiere, and as always, don’t forget to follow us on on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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