That’s a Wrap!

With the closing of the semester comes the end of our documentary journey this year. We’ve all worked very hard these past few months balancing the doc and all our other responsibilities, but despite any challenges we had to face doing so, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Pictured left to right: Camilla Klaevold, Megan Meyer, Zhenming Liu, Allison Fennick, Dr. Maria Luskay, Nicholas Farris, Felicia Robcke, Rachel Weiss, Kelly Whritenour, and Shakira Evans

Camilla: Taking this course has been an amazing experience, and I’ve learned so much in terms of film production. At the start of the semester I barely knew how to use a camera and now after multiple run-and-gun scenarios, I do. I’ve improved my editing skills, and together with great classmates we successfully pieced a story together. Huge thanks to Dr. Luskay for putting up with our craziness and giving us this great opportunity! Best class ever! (I also learned that I should use way more sunscreen…)

Megan: The Documentary Course has definitely changed my life as a film student. The experience in itself was unbelievable, and I was so lucky to have made such great friends along the way.

Jimmy: Being in the documentary group is going to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I was new to this field and had no ideas what to do when the semester just started. It was amazing shooting the film with my team for a whole week, and we make it happens after working extremely hard for about two months. I’m now so proud of all of us, my team, my professor, myself. We cooperated so well, and the documentary is the best prize for our hard work. I like the documentary class for giving me the precious experience of film-making.

Allison: The most amazing part about being in this class was that I was building a foundation for my future. I learned so much about the industry and about myself, it was most life-changing. ​

Felicia: coming into this class I had no idea what to expect and immediately I knew it would be a lot of work.  Throughout this journey, I have learned so much, from how to create a story form something small, to what kind of career path I would like to go into in the future.  I can’t thank Professor Luskay for showing me the ropes and really opening my eyes to see that there are stories out there to tell and that we can make a difference with producing documentaries like this one.  Taking the documentary course was an incredible experience and it has taught me skills and given me memories that I will carry with me for a life time.

Rachel: I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, I don’t think any of us really did. All I can say is that this was one of the best experiences of my life because the hands-on approach of pre-production, the shoot over break, and post-production was something that I have never experienced before. I also met new people and those connections are really important to me.  I’ve definitely learned a lot from it and I’m thinking about taking it again before I graduate.

Kelly: Without this course, I definitely wouldn’t be as confident in my technical abilities. Also, I just want to say that with so many personal things I’ve dealt with this semester, I couldn’t have gotten through these past few months without this class and the people in it. I’ll forever be grateful for this course!

Shakira: What I liked most about this class was how much I learned in the span of just a few weeks. I’m now more knowledgeable about the entire production process and what I learned in just one semester some others may learn throughout the entire duration of their college career.

The semester may be over, but our job still isn’t done. Our goal now is to continue to share the documentary both as filmmakers proud of our work, and as people dedicated to sharing the story we told and raising awareness of the challenges faced in Florida.

Ridge to Ranch to River to Reef: Florida’s Conservation Connections, is now available to be viewed on YouTube.

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