Ready for Takeoff!

Hey all! Florida is only two days away, so for this week’s class we went through the final preparations before departure. Packing and dividing the equipment were essential parts of our agenda. We are all very excited about the upcoming trip, so this may have made us somewhat unfocused while going through the equipment. Dr. Luskay managed to get us... Continue Reading →


Reaching Out!

Hey all! With only nine days and one class meet up left before we all head down to Florida, we’re working our hardest to get some of the most important work done. This past Tuesday we split the class up into small teams and assigned everyone a task. One team of grad students was responsible... Continue Reading →

A Skype Session with Dr. Hilary Swain

This week we were able to Skype with Dr. Hilary Swain, Archbold Biological Station’s Executive Director of Expeditions and the station’s Senior Research Biologist. Dr. Swain along with her staff of 50 are involved in long-term research, environmental monitoring, science education for students and the public, as well as land management and conservation programs. Dr.... Continue Reading →

24 Days till Florida!

Our crew met up for the fourth time this past Tuesday and had a lot of fun practicing how to use all the production equipment we’ll be taking with us to Florida. Dr. Luskay wanted to ensure that we’d all be able to use the equipment as efficiently as possible, so she came up with... Continue Reading →

Why Florida?

Hey all! Last week we introduced our pre-production plans and revealed that for this year’s documentary we'll be heading to sunny Florida. This week we thought we’d expand a bit on why we’ve chosen Florida as our destination. Over the years more and more people have moved to Florida and the state’s population is the... Continue Reading →

37 Days till Florida!

Hey all! This is the newest Pace Doc crew, and we're excited to announce that this year we’re heading to Florida to embark on Pace’s eighth year of environmental filmmaking. For most of our trip we’ll be staying at the Archbold Biological Station where we'll have access to some of the most impressive minds in modern... Continue Reading →

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